How Much Do You Need to Pay for Basic Dental Services?

dentist with her patient

Australians spent between $38 and $118 on average for basic dental services in 2016, according to an Australian Dental Association (ADA) survey.

If you live in Queensland, the rates of a dental clinic in Townsville may be cheaper than another one in Brisbane. The location also serves as one factor why prices tend to be more or less expensive.

Different Prices

A comprehensive oral exam cost an average of $66 two years ago, while an x-ray was worth at least $45 per exposure. Patients spent $118 for dental cleaning, but the usual price range cost from $91 to $157. Fluoride treatment required patients to spend from $22 to $62, with the average price worth $38.

The survey also revealed that dental prices were the most expensive in the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania. South Australia and Western Australia were on the other side of the price spectrum. As prices may have further increased today, one of the best options to maintain healthy teeth and gums involves a proper diet.

Preventive Maintenance

Experts said that diet soda is not necessarily a safer option than regular soft drinks. While diet colas contain no sugar, it increases your craving for sweet food. Junk food, in particular, is a key culprit for tooth decay. There’s a reason why most people can finish a large bag of chips without even realising it.

If you can’t help it, buy smaller-sized bags to control your appetite for processed snacks. Remember that good oral health can help in preventing certain types of cancer and reduce your risk of obesity.

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A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will be the best option to prevent frequent trips to the dental chair, except of course for a regular check-up. This allows your dentist to find out whether or not there are problems that need urgent care.