Home Remedies to Prevent Leg Ulcers

LegsA leg ulcer starts with poor to no circulation of arteries and veins of the legs. It can be brought about by arterial or venous disease with predisposing factors increasing its chance of development.

The leg ulcer that develops with a worsening venous or arterial disease is caused by a number of factors, namely, diabetes and obesity. However, the development of leg ulcers can be prevented.

Elevate the legs whenever you can

The main cause of a leg ulcer is poor circulation. That is why it is imperative to get leg ulcer treatment as soon as possible. This is the case when women stand for a long period. Ill-fitting shoes can also worsen a poor leg circulation by impeding blood flow back to the legs. Whenever possible, put your legs up. Doing so will improve blood circulation.

Try to reduce weight through exercise

Obesity is one of the predisposing factors that can worsen an undetected venous or arterial disease. The weight that you bear on your legs will further aggravate a poor leg circulation. This puts you at risk. Prevent a leg ulcer from developing by moving a lot and getting enough exercise. The exercise and movement will help the blood to circulate well.

Consult your doctor for venous or arterial disease treatment

When blood vessels are not functioning as they should, pain can be a disturbing symptom. The best way to prevent a leg ulcer is to have the cause treated right away. The doctor can prescribe the right treatment for you and may recommend compression stockings.

Once you notice a wound that suddenly develops on your leg, it is best to consult your doctor for possible leg ulcer treatment. Prevention, after ll, is the best cure.

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