Home Care Tips After Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovering from a Knee Surgery

After your knee is replaced, you’re likely to be discharged after one to four days. After leaving the hospital, you may go home or check into a rehab clinic.

Home Care Tips

If you go home, you must take good care of your new knee. Here are home care tips to remember after knee replacement surgery in Provo from institutions such as Doctor Mitchell Larsen.

Help the Wound Heal

You should not soak the surgical wound in water until the wound has sealed and healed. Usually, it’s safe to shower after three days. But talk to your doctor about when and how to wash up. Also, don’t be in a hurry to take a bath or take a dip into the pool. Wait for about two weeks.

By this time, the wound should be well-healed. Your doctor will also have removed the stitches or staples by this time.

Eat Healthy Meals

Consume enough nutritious foods after your knee replacement surgery. Talk to your doctor if you have appetite problems. Iron supplements and foods rich in fiber may also help to reduce potential issues with medications. Take your doctor’s advice about your needs.

Move the New Knee

Physical therapy after knee replacement surgery aims to strengthen your leg, restore knee movement and help you walk on the new joint. Your exercise schedule will start a day after surgery.

When you get home, continue moving your new knee.

Do the exercises your physical therapist recommended. You may need therapy several days each week for about four to six weeks. Do as much physical therapy as you can comfortably handle.

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If possible, check into a rehab center after you’re discharged from the hospital. However, home physical therapy can also be as effective as rehab therapy if done right. Just remember to take care of your wound, eat right, and move the new knee as advised by your doctor.