Home Care Recommendations for Dental Implant Patients

Woman using electric toothbrush to destroy biofilmSeveral reasons surround why dental implants are the ultimate choice for patients who need teeth replacement. For one, they visually look similar to your natural teeth.

Those dental implants in Tauranga you can get from clinics such as Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental would require a different type of care than your normal teeth. It is critical for patients to realise that dental implants and natural teeth have vast anatomical dissimilarities.

Here are some oral hygiene practices that you need to follow:


It is best to use electric toothbrushes as these destroy biofilm better than brushing manually. This is because it can produce more brush strokes compared to your hand. No matter what your preferred toothbrush is, remember to brush for an entire two minutes using one with soft bristles.

You can also opt for end tuft brushes as these can reach difficult areas, particularly implant crowns’ huge contours.

Interproximal Aids

Studies reveal that water flossing disturb bacteria in pockets with depths of around six mm deep. This practice, however, is a complex method to interproximal care. Dentists must educate their patients about the right practices and instruct them to use it at a low-pressure setting only.

Other suggestions for interproximal cleaning consist of products that encourage gingival stimulation, such as proxabrushes with plastic wires, soft picks, and rubber tip stimulator.

Protective Appliances

Occlusal guards will reduce the occlusal weight on dental implants whenever you undergo clenching or grinding at night. You can also even get fabricated retainers that will include dental implant close to normal teeth to avoid open contacts from emerging.

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Due to the periodontal ligament present, normal teeth are dynamic compared to implants that will not move because they are ankylosed to the bone. Open contacts can cause per-implant disease and interproximal caries in normal teeth.

Regular dental check-ups are crucial in maintaining the health of your dental implants and guaranteeing its longevity. Your dental hygienist will be able to set a maintenance schedule for you depend on your general health, prosthesis, and dexterity.