Helping Your Children Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Child Afraid of DentistAdults and children have an unexplained fear of visiting a dentist. This has become the norm, but the fact is that the technological advances in dentistry have shown that this type of paranoia can be avoided.

As a parent, you should talk to your children about oral care and explain the importance of regular dental checkups. This will avoid making dental visits sound scary or intimidating. This type of fear can be avoided by paying attention to a few such factors.

Early visits to a family dentist

The Academy of Dentistry and Walker Pediatric Dentistry suggest that parents should schedule regular dental checkups for their children as soon as their first tooth erupts or after their first birthday, whichever comes first. A regular visit to a family dentist in Holladay, if you live there, is a good idea. This will help identify and resolve any issues that might lead to either pain or tooth damage.

In fact, even if your baby does not have teeth yet, having his or her gums cleaned regularly is important. This will allow them to adjust and cope with subsequent visits to a pediatric or cosmetic dentist, later in life.

Stay positive and make it enjoyable

Explain to your children the importance of dental visits and the way these will help them in the future. Even if you have had a bad experience in your early life, do not mention pain or discomfort while discussing oral and dental care. Always accompany your little ones and let them carry their favorite game or toy with them. This will make them feel comfortable with the surroundings.

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It is a good idea to look for pediatric dentists who have lovely and child-friendly clinics, and are experienced in dealing with children and their dental problems. You can also prepare your child by dropping in at the clinic of your choice, before your scheduled appointment with the dentist. They can talk to the dental staff and the dentist so that they will be more at ease when they come for their checkup.