Hair Health: Reminders for Healthy Hair All Year

Brunette woman with long, healthy hair

You may think you only need to give your hair extra treatments when the weather is hot or dry, but you are wrong. The cold may also cause your hair to lose moisture, leaving you with weak and brittle hair. Good thing there are hair care routines you can do all throughout the year.

Here are some of them:

Get Enough Vitamins

Vitamin D contributes to the health of your hair, so treat yourself to a little sun to keep your tresses in the best condition. However, too much sun exposure may also lead to hair breakage, especially if your strands are thin and damaged. A hair clinic in the Manchester area may give you some pointers on how to improve hair thickness, even if your problem is a little more than just vitamin D deficiency. It is the recommended place to visit for both men and women suffering from hair thinning.

Condition After Hair Dyeing

The trend these days is for people to experiment with their hair styles and colours, with ideas ranging from the tame to the crazy. Remember, however, that these treatments may dry out the hair, especially if they involve bleaching. Before and after you bleach your hair, deep condition it. And do not bleach hair excessively without letting the strands rest, unless you want them to break easily.

Do Not Clean Hair Too Often

It may seem like a bad idea to not wash hair frequently, but frequent washing may strip off all the natural oils that protect it from breakage. If you have oily skin, you may need to wash it daily, but use a shampoo that does not have strong chemicals that damage your hair instead of just cleaning it. For hair care, use products with ingredients such as argan oil or jojoba oil.

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Hair care should not be seasonal, but according to the weather changes, you should tweak your routine just a bit. Pay attention to the needs of your hair to avoid hair thinning and worse problems.