Gluten-Free Diet: A Lifestyle Change for People with Coeliac Disease

Gluten-free food

There is now a lot of discussion about coeliac disease and gluten. Coeliac disease is an auto-immune illness of the stomach that causes a person to react negatively to gliadin, a protein from gluten found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. People who suffer from the disease, therefore, need to avoid food with gluten. One recommendation is Nutri-Bombz, which are wholefood, raw snacks made from natural, organic ingredients.

More about coeliac disease

Coeliac disease affects only a small percentage of the global population. In the U.S., for instance, it is estimated that only one in every 133 people has it. Many of these people, however, are not diagnosed.

One reason is that only about 35% of them experience diarrhoea due to the disease. Another reason is that over half do not manifest symptoms. And for those with symptoms, it can take an average of four years before they are properly diagnosed. This increases the risks involved for those who have the disease.

All-natural food

Coeliac disease is marked by chronic diarrhoea, fatigue and unexplained weight loss. This illness causes the inner lining of the small intestine, called the villi, become inflamed and destroyed due to the immune reaction. This then causes the malabsorption of nutrients in the stomach.

For those who suffer from this disease, one of the best solutions is to follow a gluten-free diet. This is not an easy thing to do, as it entails checking ingredients of food. It becomes even harder because some food ingredients are themselves processed and some are not mentioned in the product’s packaging.

An alternative solution is to eat wholefood products which are naturally processed or foods made from raw ingredients. It entails a life-long lifestyle change indeed.

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