Getting Help with Diabetes Costs

diabetic patient

According to a United Health study called ‘The United States of Diabetes, Working paper 5’, the epidemic of diabetes that is now swamping America will be so bad by the year 2020 that half of the population will be affected. Once diagnosed, only mild cases can be controlled by diet alone. Injectable insulin is necessary for many patients.

These injections save lives, but they come at a price. For patients on a lower income, the price may be too high.

Diabetics Choose Between Rent and Insulin

An endocrinologist from Stamford Health Medical Group described having patients who stopped taking their insulin or began to ration doses so that they don’t use it up as quickly.

They had to choose between paying bills and keeping their home and paying for medication.

Co-pays can mean that some people pay up to $600 a month just to stay alive. No generic drugs are available and the companies that produced them have increased the price by as much as 325% since 2011. Patients with diabetes may also need other medications for accompanying cardiovascular diseases. Victoza, for example, is an expensive drug that lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.

In addition to high drug prices, medical insurance premiums may be too high for low-income or unemployed citizens to afford, causing them to go uninsured.

Prescription Assistance Programs

The Rx Solution notes that Victoza patient assistance is available to help cover the cost of Victoza, insulin, and other required medications. Anyone who is unemployed or with a low income can apply. Membership means that they will be entitled to large reductions in the cost of their prescriptions. Some programs off prescription medicines at zero cost.

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An increasing number of people are diagnosed with diabetes and must face the increased medical costs that this entails. Prescription assistance programs can help them meet these costs and continue their medication.