Getting Braces After the Teenage Years

Woman with Braces

Are you thinking about getting braces? Turns out they aren’t just for children anymore. There are plenty of attractive options for adults to explore, which will ensure that the time you spend wearing braces won’t make you feel like your mouth is full of metal. A dentist will use braces to align your teeth or correct problems with your bite. Fortunately, gone are the days of the huge ‘train track’ braces that have caused embarrassment to so many people. Mini braces are one of several more aesthetically appealing alternatives to traditional metal fixed braces. Mini braces are small versions of their traditional counterparts and combine the strength of stainless steel with a subtler appearance.

Why choose mini braces?

Mini braces rely on the same technology as standard fixed metal braces. The difference is in their size; mini braces are about 30% smaller than traditional metal braces. They’re also made out of strong stainless steel, so you won’t sacrifice strength for size. Mini braces are less noticeable than traditional braces and are easier to keep clean, with less discomfort and irritation to the inside of your mouth. You can receive treatment with mini braces at dental practices across Scotland, including at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, whose dental team has over 40 years of experience in straightening teeth.

For all ages

Mini braces are popular with adults as well as children. Younger patients sometimes choose to change the colour of the ties that go around the brackets. Your dentist can provide different coloured elastics to provide an individual look to your treatment.

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The procedure

All treatment plans begin with a consultation. This is when your dentist will observe your bite and determine which brace might be best for you. After your braces come off, you’ll also need to wear a retainer as your teeth settle in to their new straightened positions.