Get that Crown: Ways to Earn the Spotlight During Your Prom

prom dress

prom dressFor every teenage girl, attending the prom is probably one of the most exciting things they can experience. They can hang out with friends all night long, dance with their ultimate crush, play dress up, and look the most beautiful they’ve ever been.

Some girls feel paranoid about how they look, but it only takes a certain amount of effort to show off your beauty. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your look for the upcoming prom.

Pick a Flattering Dress

The dress you’ll wear is probably the most important decision you should make right. Don’t just settle for the trendy one. You should make sure it fits you well and it highlights your best features. The colour should also complement your skin tone. Consider your dress the “centrepiece” of your entire look that should bring every element together, including your hair, makeup, shoes and accessories.

Have the Perfect Hair and Makeup

If you haven’t experienced being pampered by an expert in hair and makeup yet, now is the best time to hire one. By doing this, you can be assured that your hair and makeup complement each other and your overall look. These experts know how to not go over-the-top yet still bring out the best in you. Too much makeup is never a good thing, so they use techniques to highlight your best features and improve the not so good ones.

Accessorise with Elegance

Teenagers have the tendency to go overboard when accessorising. Don’t make that mistake by wearing at most three. Make sure the colours match, because mismatched colours can ruin your entire look. The accessories should complement your dress style and serve as accent pieces of your outfit.

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But, no planning will ever be enough if you’re not comfortable and confident in your own skin. Leave all anxiety behind and just enjoy the time of your life together with your friends.