French Jus and American Steak: A Match Made in Heaven

Steak With Unique SauceNothing complements good homemade steak better than great sauce. Think prime rib roast. Think beef au jus. But while some may prefer natural, others would go for an instant au jus mix. Either way, the said sauce is an obvious option to spice up your steak.

What is au jus?

Au jus essentially translates to in juice or with juice in French. In culinary terms, it is a meat dish served with gravy-like sauce. Not to be mistaken with actual gravy thickened with starch, au jus is a more concentrated broth.

While the French idea of au jus is to enhance the flavor of the meat, the American concept refers to a light sauce accompanying the roast. The most commonly cooked dish with this sauce is beef au jus, but any meat should do just fine.

How is it made?

It’s usually made from scratch, with the juice from the roast meat as its main ingredient. For beef au jus, the steak juice is taken aside and mixed with simmering water. Beef broth, soy sauce, and seasonings are added in for flavor. Some recipes even mix in a bit of red wine. It all depends on the maker.

The alternative to this is buying ready-made jars or packets in the grocery store. Au jus mix is concentrated and provides an equally intense flavor to roast meat. More often than not, people buy ready-mixes to save time, and because they have not quite gotten down the technique of making au jus just yet.

When is it used?

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Any kind of roast meat gets more savory when prepared or served with au jus. It can be poured on the meat. Or it can be served separately as a dipping sauce. And here’s a tip: an au jus mix can be used to marinate meat in before cooking, for optimum taste.

There are many techniques in roasting meat, and there are also different ways of serving meat au jus. However you choose to have it, au jus is guaranteed to make your steak taste heavenly.