Forms of Overdenture Treatments

Patient having his overdenture treatmentFor patients who have lost multiple teeth that need replacing, a full arch bridge or overdenture is a practical and cost-effective option. Both the bridge and overdentures can get support from a different number of implants reliant on the form of your jawbone and gums.

A denture held in place using dental implants in Tampa inserted into your jawbone is called an implant overdenture. It provides stability and support for traditional dentures.

Here are some types of overdentures:

Implant-Retained Gum Supported

In this treatment, the dentist attaches the denture to dental implants on your lower and upper jaws. Your overdenture directly rests on the gums. The denture is removable and secures to your implants through attachments, which the dentist fixes to your dentures.

Bar-Retained Implant Supported

Here, your denture connects to attachments found on a metal bar, which in turn connects to surgically implanted dental implants on your lower and upper jaws. The overdenture is removable. They secure this to the metal bar through attachments that fix onto the denture.

Fixed Implant Supported

In this treatment, your denture and metal bar is in one piece. This piece is secured to your lower and upper jaws using screws driven through the implants. A cosmetic dentist should be the only one who should remove the denture.

This option bears the closest similarity to your natural gums and teeth because it does not rest on your gums and has no flanges.

Overdentures have many advantages compared to traditional dentures. Overdentures stimulate the jawbone and prevent bone deterioration, which causes your jaws to shrink leading to premature aging and wrinkling. It will help patients with dentures chew their food better and speak clearly.

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You will no longer need denture adhesives and creams with overdenture treatment. A qualified cosmetic dentist will assess your oral health and recommend the best cosmetic procedure for you.