Forget Your Fear of the Dentist with Oral Sedation — the Guaranteed Solution

Oral Sedation in IdahoOral sedation dentistry is the solution for adults and children who suffer from anxiety during dental consultation and treatment. For as long as a qualified professional with the right credentials implement sedation methods, there is no reason to worry about the negative effects of sedatives.

Fear of the dentist

Dental care specialist knows how some patients experience fear and anxiety. A field of study, sedation dentistry, has been devoted to dealing with the issue. Many people suffer from long-standing oral disease, which usually affect their overall health and well-being, just because they cannot imagine themselves sitting in a dental chair. The anxiety may be due to previous experiences in a similar environment. Unfortunately, it becomes deeply rooted in the person’s psyche. If a procedure is immediately necessary, sedation offers ways to make the experience tolerable to those who fear dental intervention.

Introducing oral sedation

Oral sedation is simply the provision of anti-anxiety drugs in pill form. It is convenient and pain-free. On the other hand, IV or intravenous sedation involves injection of the sedative directly into the bloodstream with a needle.

The drug dosage depends on many factors. The duration of the effect of the drug is calculated by the dentist based on the procedure to be done. Usually, you are advised to take the pill before the appointment. Since you might get drowsy, it is better to have someone with you to make sure you get to the clinic and return home safely.

There are side effects, but nothing severe. These include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and having a dry mouth. Severe complications are rare, but there are risks involved for sure. To cover all bases, discuss options with your dentist, and inform him or her if you have other medical conditions, or currently taking prescription drugs.

Oral sedation is one of the methods employed by dentists to facilitate assessment and treatment of the dental problems of people with anxiety and fear of the dental chair. The method helps the patient go through dental procedures calmly and painlessly.

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