Features Of A Successful Drug Rehabilitation Program

Women hugging in a focus group therapy session

Women hugging in a focus group therapy session

According to research, the number of people addicted to alcohol and drugs is now over 20 million. Unfortunately, only 11 million have attempted to seek professional help. Statistics show that among the addicts that seek help, over 50% recover fully, with the success rate being highly dependent on the rehabilitation center that they go to.

With that in mind, if you are looking for a rehabilitation center that will get you well, below are the four qualities that characterize successful rehabilitation programs.

1. Personalized Treatment

A rehab facility must customize your treatment plan to fit your needs and experience. This will ensure that you get hands-on, full-time care, which will give you what you need rather than what the therapist thinks you need. In addition, the facility should provide therapeutic options to help you optimize your time in a way that you like.

2. Medical Detox

A medical detox should be incorporated into the program if you or your loved one is addicted to drugs. That means you should sign up for an addiction treatment program under the guidance of medical professionals who can prescribe medication, monitor your progress and stabilize you when you get into trouble.

3. Fair Pricing

A person with substance abuse disorder is more likely to recover if he or she does not have to think about financial matters. That makes fair pricing one of the most important elements a drug rehab center in Sandy and anywhere else should focus on. In fact, some of the most successful drug rehabilitation centers connect their patients to valuable financial services.

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4. Therapy Programs

One-on-one psychotherapy treatment is essential for a successful drug recovery journey. This treatment includes examination of the motivations behind substance abuse, critical skills of fighting cravings, and replacement activities to help you drop the habit.

Drug recovery is possible for those who want and are ready to step into the light. A family member or the addicted person should choose a drug rehab facility that has the features discussed above.