Don’t Miss Your Doctor’s Appointments

doctor with patientMedical experts recommend regular check-ups for everyone even if you feel fine. These periodic appointments are essential for maintaining good health and are good ways to prevent debilitating diseases. The experts at suggest monthly check-ups or as often as your physician requires to monitor your health. Here’s why you should have regular doctor’s appointments:

Prevention is Key

You can prevent many illnesses and diseases with regular check-ups. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels can all be spotted ahead of time with regular blood monitoring. Doctors can prescribe preventive medication, diet regulation, and exercise depending on the results of your lab report.

If your doctor sees that your blood sugar readings are high, they could suggest that you take maintenance medicine for Type 2 Diabetes to control your blood sugar levels. The same goes for cholesterol; your doctor will also prescribe medication to keep it at a manageable level. They would also suggest lessening fat consumption in your diet and exercise.

Your Medication Will Be Adjusted Periodically

Your doctor will ask you to come back after two weeks or a month. Some laboratory tests will be repeated. Based on their results, your doctor will adjust or maintain your current dose.  For diabetes and high blood pressure, dosages are adjusted periodically so the patient can get the most benefit. Blood sugar levels vary from day to day, so a regular checkup can give your doctor an idea how well you are responding to the treatment.

Seeing your doctor is key to good health. They can help you prevent disease, manage existing ones, and detect the development of serious conditions or problems such as cancer. People need to change their minds about seeing a doctor – it doesn’t always have to be when you are sick. It’s best to schedule an appointment when you are feeling good and well.

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