Don’t lose sleep over loose teeth: permanent solutions to tooth loss

Dental ImplantLosing one or more of your natural teeth is a distressing experience. It can impact on everything from your ability to eat a balanced diet to your social and business interactions, and whilst tooth loss through dental decay and gum disease can be prevented, anyone can experience an accident or injury that results in a lost tooth.

Tooth loss can affect both physical and mental health. It is easy to feel anxious when you lose a tooth, fearing that life will never be the same again. However, modern dentistry offers a number of solutions for those with missing teeth, and a dentist will help to find the perfect one for you.

If fear of the dentist has resulted in your tooth loss due to avoiding general dental check-ups, there are a number of ways to get help back to oral health. Treatment can be carried out under hypnosis, sedation, or in severe cases general anaesthetic.

Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement choice at Warrendale Dental Care in Ross-on-Wye. As permanent replacements for the tooth roots, implants securely hold a crown, denture, or bridge in your jaw, giving you the appearance and action of a natural tooth or teeth.

Unlike traditional dental bridgework, which requires support from adjacent teeth (thus necessitating those teeth to be healthy, strong, and free from large fillings) implant-retained bridges enable your dentist to preserve your healthy tooth structure because the dental implants take the strain.

Whilst standard dentures tend to need frequent adjustments to address issues with loose fit caused by resorbtion of the jaw bone, implants help to preserve the integrity of the bone, stopping it from shrinking. This ensures that once your dentist places your new teeth, they will stay just where they should do. You can take them out to clean them (your dentist will teach them how) but there is no danger they will slip or fall out otherwise.

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Tooth loss doesn’t have to be a nightmare. A dentist can help you get back to long-term oral health, and give you back your joy for life, no matter how many teeth need to be replaced.