Do Your Children Grind Their Teeth at Night?

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Bruxism affects up to 30% of children, and while the condition goes away naturally when they turn six years old, many are unable to overcome this habit even when they become older.

Dentists may prescribe a bonded wire retainer for patients, especially if they are also undergoing orthodontic treatment at the same time. It’s up to parents to monitor their children’s progress carefully and find out the reasons for their behaviour.

Reasons for Bruxism

Experts say that bruxism stems from different reasons. The American Dental Association stated that regular dental visits would be the best way to diagnose the condition. However, some of the common causes include stress, misaligned teeth, and certain allergies.

If your children grind their teeth at night, it can be due to pain from an earache or teething. The pain usually happens when their primary teeth begin to grow in place. You shouldn’t wake your children when you hear them doing this. Aside from interrupting their sleep, it won’t solve the problem until you bring them to a pediatric dentist.

The Cost of Retainers

Dentists commonly encourage patients with bruxism to use removable Essix retainers, which cost between $100 and $250 for the upper or lower teeth. A complete set ranges between $200 and $500. Essix retainers need to be replaced more often since they are likely to twist or break over time.

If your insurance doesn’t cover retainers, there are discount cards to help patients in paying for them. Some cards offer up to 50% off on specific products. Alternatively, you may ask your dentist for a flexible payment option.

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Dentists now offer different types of retainers to treat bruxism. Many laboratory companies even use digital dentistry to provide clinics with modern tools for orthodontic treatment. For dental professionals, knowing that you have a complete line of services increases your chances of expanding your client base.