Do It Yourself: An Easy Guide to Check Rain Gutter Problems


DIYThe maintenance of your rain gutters are very important since it is one of the installations that ensure the integrity of your roof. Roofing repairs can be expensive. Therefore, you want your gutter to be in its top condition so that it can help preserve your roof.

Regular maintenance and repairs by a seasoned rain gutter contractor Utah Utah can field is most advisable. While a lot may advocate that you do it yourself, professional help is still the way to go. Remember: you may save a bit of money, but your paramount consideration should always be the skillful accomplishment of the repairs and the safety of your home.

This does not mean, however, that you are entirely without responsibility. You should still do your part and do the initial checking to determine the degree of repairs needed.

Check Your Time Stamp

Your first indication and telltale sign if the rain gutters need maintenance is its age. When was it installed and how regularly has it been checked and maintained? Hinges and corner pipes are the more vulnerable areas in gutters, but they need about two years before they show signs of failing. Write down a reminder when you first laid them so you would know when they need a timely replacement.

Check and Measure

Another factor indicative of the need for gutter repairs is the sagging of the gutters. Measure the ‘dip’ or the slopes. If some places are more slanted than others, it means that it has been bearing more weight than others. These are the parts that will have to be repaired.

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Use Water to Aid You

By pouring water in various places, you can determine if there are holes in the gutters and in the piping. Holes in rain gutters hamper the efficient flow of water and removal of dirt. Consequently, it hinders the efficient removal of excess weight in the roof.

Once you have done all these steps, communicate with a seasoned rain gutter contractor in Utah to start with the repairs the soonest.