Dispelling Myths about Porcelain Veneers

Woman ready for her dental veneers

Dental veneers are a perfect choice that dentists may endorse to improve your teeth’s overall appearance. They enhance your smile’s beauty and therefore also boost your self-confidence. However, many people still hear myths and outdated perceptions about porcelain veneers in Lone Tree, Colorado. Here are some of them.

Porcelain veneers make your teeth look artificial and large

With the advances in dental techniques and materials, veneers are now so thin that you would not think their presence foreign. Veneers can be approximately 0.3mm thick, and some veneers are even as thin as contact lenses. Specialists can even customize them to match the natural appearance of your teeth or alter it.

Veneers only have aesthetic functions

Many patients seek veneers only for their aesthetic value, but they can also protect teeth worn down due to grinding or wear and tear. They can also protect exposed roots at the gum line.

Veneers don’t last long

With proper care and responsible use, veneers can last more than a decade. In that time, the veneers will resist staining better than natural enamel, and protect the teeth from damage, and wear and tear. While it is true that veneers are not reversible, very few patients regret getting them. Veneers will only need maintenance or replacement if your dentists note that they are starting to lose their strength.

It hurts when you get them

Many people shy away from dental procedures for fear of the pain they will feel while undergoing them. There’s no need to worry with veneers, however, since your dentist will give you local anesthesia to numb the area during application, hence you would feel no pain or discomfort.

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Dental veneers may be the perfect solution you’re looking for. Don’t let myths like these prevent you from asking your dentist about them. Talk to a specialist and find out how you can get that perfect smile.