Dessert Indulgence: Small Servings Every Day May Be Good for You

ice cream in metal cupYou’ll often hear the phrase “sweet temptation” right after the name of a dessert. The suggestion being that a dessert isn’t all good for you, that ordering one after a meal is unwise. But the most innovative kitchens across Singapore are changing perceptions. For example, an American diner serving up comfort food, OverEasy, has a delightful and healthy dessert: Amazonian açaí bowl, which contains organic açaí blend, coconut water, toasted granola, chia seeds and fresh seasonal fruits.

It isn’t just such creativity in Singapore’s kitchens that may persuade you to think about desserts in a different way. Different studies show that a bit of sweet may do you some good.

Sweets Improve Your Mood

A daily intake of 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate will make you happy. A Nestle Research Center study found that dark chocolate reduces stress hormones, including cortisol. This type of chocolate causes positive moods mainly because it is rich in theobromine, which is a natural substance responsible for stimulating feelings of pleasure.

Desserts Help Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Eating small bites of chocolate every day can lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. A Harvard study in 2011 revealed that the blood pressure of all 1,106 participants decreased as they ate a small square of dark chocolate every day. Chocolate is rich in cocoa, responsible for giving your body flavonoids, which is an antioxidant with major anti-inflammatory and immune system perks.

Sweets Can Help You Shed the Extra Pounds

A research done by the University of Alabama discovered that overweight women who ate small desserts four times a week are more likely to lose 9 more pounds than those who gave in to their cravings in a larger serving.

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Allowing yourself to give in to “sweet temptations” can help your mind cope with stress and enhance your body’s protection. Of course, the key here is to indulge in moderation. So the next time the dessert menu comes around your table, don’t feel guilty. Choose a small plate of something decadent but healthy and savour every bite.