Dental Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

A woman touching her cheek in pain while at the dentistry

Crooked and misshapen teeth can cause some other health risks. Since orthodontics is concerned with solving these dental problems, it is also the answer to stopping health risks associated with bad dental health.  The experts at Affordable Braces suggest that you should consult a trusted orthodontist in Jacksonville about your options.

Here are the signs that you have a dental problem that an orthodontics treatment could resolve.

Difficulty in Chewing

When you feel discomfort when chewing your meals, it’s a sign that your jaw or teeth may not be aligned properly.  If you feel any pain when you chew, you might have an issue with your teeth.

Chewing is integral to the breakdown of food into tiny particles so that the digestive system will find it easier to process the food. An orthodontic treatment could help you remove the pain and improve the digestive process.

Increased Wearing of Tooth

The tooth is made up of dentine, calcium and other minerals. It also has a thin coating of enamel that protects it. However, teeth still wear down when exposed to food bacteria and acid. Having crooked teeth puts pressure on teeth and wears them down faster.

Crooked or crowded teeth makes it difficult to clean it. Bacteria can get stuck in between these areas, and this increases the risks of developing tooth decay and cavities.

Tooth Resorption

Root resorption is the shortening of the roots of the tooth. If your tooth starts to display a pinkish hue, it is the initial stages of tooth resorption. This situation could eventually lead to tooth loss. A root canal could help patients with this phenomenon.

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When you experience these symptoms, it’s a sign that your dental health may be at risk. Visit your dentist for a consultation. Ask them if orthodontic treatments are right for you.