Dear Parents, Stay Away from These Cavity-Inducing Treats

Father and son ready to brush their teeth

Parents always face the struggle of balancing everything for their child. Juggling school schedules with work, nap time, and special events can be tiring for the hardworking mom or dad. To save some time, parents choose to give prepackaged snacks for their kids.

After all, there are plenty of healthier options there, right?

While there are healthy packaged snacks, resorting to common types of children’s treats may not be good their health—particularly their teeth. Regular consumption of unhealthy snacks may result in cavities; the worst cases needing extraction, says Redwood Pediatric Dentistry.

Keep your kids free from cavities by limiting their consumption of the following:

Fruit Juices

Fruit juice might seem like the ideal alternative to soda, but these beverages also contain the same amount of sugar as sodas. During the extraction process, whole fruits lose their fiber and nutritional value; all that’s left is sugar and water.

It’s OK to give the kids fruit juice every now and then, but limit their intake. If you give them juice, dilute it with water to reduce concentration.

Starch-Filled Treats

Chips, crackers, and cookies are the regular go-to of buys parents. Starchy snacks, however, are harmful to their teeth. It can get stuck between the spaces, which results in bad bacteria attacking the enamel. Regular brushing and flossing takes care of the job, but sometimes, kids forget to brush their teeth after a meal. Swap starchy snacks for healthier options such as fruits, wholegrain cereal, yogurt, or snack mixes.

Canned Fruits

Some parents think that all fruits are healthy, but that’s not always the case. Canned fruit with syrup is bad for your child’s teeth. The treat is delicious but comes with high levels of sugar, which result in cavities and other health concerns.

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Instead of feeding the kids with canned fruit, go fresh always

Not all snacks are good for the children. Busy parents may not have the time to prepare snacks for kids, but keep them healthy by avoiding these unhealthy options.