Deal with That Broken Tooth Now Or Else..

Broken ToothWhen a tooth breaks, chips or cracks, you need to have it fixed as soon as possible. When left untreated, it can cause even more problems, and appearances are the least of your problems.

Depending on where the damage occurred, it could create a hole that makes the affected tooth more susceptible bacterial infections and decay. Once these microorganisms find their way into the damage, you can face a serious infection, something that can quickly and easily spread to the gum tissues of your other healthy teeth and even your jawline.

Dental Crowns: One of Your Best Options for Fixing a Damaged Tooth

There are many causes of tooth breakage, including hard food and sugary drinks, trauma, and poor oral hygiene. Regardless of what caused the damage, says that your best option is to visit a family dentist for a crown procedure.

The How and Why

Dentist fix dental crowns, a type of non-removable prosthetic device onto existing teeth. When a tooth gets damaged, a crown will cover the entire affected tooth, reinforcing and further strengthening it.

Also, crowns bring back or even enhance the old appearance of a damaged tooth, as dentists can mold them into appropriate shapes and make them align with the rest of your teeth. These fixed devices, which come in both ceramic and porcelain, match the natural teeth’s color, making your smile even better-looking.

When Crowns Make the Best Options

Apart from fixing a broken, chipped or cracked tooth, a dentist may also recommend you get a crown as a replacement for a large filling wherein not enough tooth remains. This also works to protect weakened teeth from fracturing or restoring those that have already fractured. It also strengthens dental implants and serve as a way to correct misshaped teeth.

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