Cyber Learning: Video Games for Education

Video Game Controller

Video Game ControllerMany parents and older people in Singapore may think that video games are a waste of time. You may look at video games and think that your children are better off without these. In today’s world, you will have to think again about your views on video games.

Fun, Games and Learning

Game-based learning (GBL) is a modern educational technique that uses video games for the training and development of students. LogicMills adds GBL includes hands-on games that do not need to play on a computer. More than just learning, GBL allows students to have fun while learning.

Educational Games

Examples of GBL activities are playing Candy Crush or Bubble Breakers to train students in pattern recognition and other skills. Complex games, such as Civilization, also teach students about strategies in maintaining an empire.

Already in Use

GBL is common in Singapore. Studies show that it is an effective tool in engaging students in K-12 schools and higher education. You can enrol your child in schools that use GBL if you want better motivation in learning.

Available Online Tools

You can also use online game-based assessment tools for your child to play. Such online applications assess 21st century skills. They also provide you with the knowledge on how to prepare your child for college and future careers.

Intelligence Assessment Game 

The assessments measure three elements. The first is Situational Intelligence, which deals with a person’s ability to make choices in a rapidly changing setting. The second is Collaborative Intelligence, which deals with a person’s communications skills, teamwork capabilities, and EQ. The last element is Global Intelligence, which deals with how a person can work as part of a global team.

There are many other benefits and unexplored potential in game based learning. With GBL, you can change your perspective on video games as a tool for helping children nurture their skills.