Cosmetic Surgery: Procedures on the Rise for Middle-Aged Men

Hair TransplantWhile a large fraction of women dominates the cosmetic surgery market, cosmetic procedures have also been on the rise for men. In fact, thousands of men in the US alone go under the knife to improve their appearances every year.

Since 1997, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported a 273% increase in the number of procedures performed on men. More than simply a way to improve a person’s overall appearance, however, Dr. Stephen Baker, M.D. believes that it also leads to the improvement of one’s general health.


Fat deposits tend to build up more in older men, especially in areas such as their abdomen and chest. As middle-aged men tend to have less active lifestyles, the stubborn pockets of fat tend to form in spite of the healthy diet they observe. As a result, they turn to liposuction, which can remove the excess fat from the body using a high-pressure vacuum. Liposuction is, in fact, the most common cosmetic procedure in the country, with over 400,000 cases reported each year.

Hair Transplants

Studies show that 40% of males over the age of 35 already experience hair thinning, some due to male-pattern baldness. These statistics show that there is a large market among men for hair transplant procedures, which has, in fact, been present since the 1950s. As a minimally invasive process, hair transplants simply involve taking scalp tissue from the back of the head, then placing them over bald patches on the scalp.

Eyelid Surgery

As individuals get older, excess fat tends to build up under the eyelids and above the eye. Drooping skin around the eye area can be problematic, as it could affect the peripheral vision of older men. Eyelid surgery can remove the excess skin and reduce the appearance of eye bags, giving men a younger and rejuvenated look.

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Cosmetic surgery is fast becoming a popular option among middle-aged men. In fact, these older men are choosing to undergo the treatment are looking to improve their overall health as well as maintain their youthful appearance.