Conquering Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

A Child at the DentistThis is the unfortunate truth: children still tremble with fear and bawl loudly upon hearing they need to visit the dentist. If your kid is up for his first dental visit, it is your job to help erase such an unpleasant image of the dentist.

Here are some suggestions.

Paint a different picture

Telling your child not to fear dentists and yet allowing him to watch movies showing kids bawling loudly during dental procedures will not help. To help shake off the negative image, avoid movies that show kids fearing or crying during dental procedures.

In short, do not encourage the fear in any way. Try to create a picture as a friendly tooth doctor who will always be there to take care of their sick teeth. But be careful not to overdo it as you might utter some words that might give rise to more questions.

Let your child tag along

Whenever you have an appointment with Lakeville dentists, you should consider taking your kid along with you as long as it is okay for you to do so.

Being a good dental role model to your children would help a lot in conquering their fear of dentists. Ask your dentist if it is okay to let your kids watch the entire procedure, especially if it only involves simple prophylaxis. After the procedure, you can then tell them how great and nice your teeth felt.

Show the difference between bad and good teeth

There are adults who use the word dentist as a fear factor so young kids would brush their teeth. This is not healthy, as it would instill a great fear of dentists. Instead, try showing a photo of sad children with cavities and those happy ones who have perfect teeth.

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While the number of children who fear dentists has somewhat decreased over the years, many still have this negative image of the dentist knocking off their teeth. You have a great role in erasing such negative image in your child’s mind.