Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Colour test for dental veneer

Cosmetic dentistry is a popular branch of dentistry that deals with more complicated dental problems. It involves surgery to improve the appearance of a person’s mouth, teeth and smile. Cosmetic procedures are elective in nature, but nowadays they are considered more of a necessity because the treatments improve an individual’s appearance and self-confidence in a great way.

A big name in cosmetics in Hong Kong shares information about some of the most common cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a common cosmetic dentistry procedure all over the world, especially in Asia. The veneers are custom made for each patient because they need to look very similar the original or natural teeth. The veneers are made to cover imperfections, such as damaged enamel, gaps between the teeth, and crooked or damaged teeth. The dental veneers are applied in front of each tooth and are held together by a dental adhesive. This results to instantly whiter, even teeth.

Teeth Bleaching

In Hong Kong, cosmetic dentists perform many teeth bleaching or teeth whitening procedures. This is because people drink a lot of tea, which can stain the teeth. Heavy coffee drinkers, as well as smokers, can likewise have problems with stained and discoloured teeth. This is where teeth bleaching or teeth whitening treatments come in. If you are not a coffee or tea drinker and you do not smoke but you notice that your teeth are stained, this could be because of plaque or tartar build up. Either way, the teeth are cleaned thoroughly before a teeth whitening treatment.

Dental Implants

After a tooth is extracted, a cosmetic dentist places an implant to serve as a replacement for the tooth. It is not necessarily another tooth, but a small screw made of titanium. It is placed in the position of the original tooth to support the crown and keep the other teeth from moving. This will prevent the appearance of spaces in between teeth.

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You can do something to correct teeth imperfections and improve your smile. Get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to know more about the different procedures and treatments.