Children’s braces in West Malling – an introduction

Girl Wearing Braces

While there is no particular age for children to have their teeth straightened, most dentists recommend age seven. By this age, most children have a combination of baby and adult teeth, making it easier for the dentist to diagnose and correct misaligned teeth and jaw problems.

Early treatment with braces in West Malling allows the dentist to correct and guide the development of the jaw to help the permanent teeth come in straight and eliminate the need for braces later in life. Moreover, braces can create more space for crowded teeth and relieve pressure from the children’s jawbone. For parents, it’s not always easy to know whether their children need braces in West Malling, however, an experienced dentist such as those at One Smile Oral Care can help them decide whether braces are the right option for their little ones.

Here are a few reasons why children may need braces:

Alignment problems

Unfortunately, very few people are born with perfectly straight teeth. Not all teeth grow straight, and this can cause inevitable tooth problems including crooked, overlapping, and overcrowded teeth. These problems can only be treated with braces. Other problems that can also be fixed with braces include overbites, underbites and crossbites.

Jaw problems

Studies have shown that around 15% of children have a jaw problem that actually hinders their ability to chew correctly or causes them discomfort and pain. Treatment for misaligned jaws should be sought as early as possible. This is because some types of jaw problems can even be disfiguring to a point of making things difficult for a child in their formative years. An experienced dentist will determine whether braces can fix this problem. The earlier jaw problems are diagnosed, the more easily they are corrected.

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Signs that a child may benefit from teeth straightening

Children in need of teeth straightening treatment often exhibit certain symptoms that are indicative of the problems. These include early or late loss of their baby teeth, difficulty chewing food, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, jaws that make sounds when opening and closing. All these symptoms indicate that children may be in need of teeth straightening treatment.