Can You Smile With All the Colors of Your Braces

Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic BracesPart of wearing braces is deciding on what colours it should be for the month. Think of it as part of your fashion statement since you will be wearing the braces for a long time. Every month of checkup, your dentist will replace existing bands or ligature ties on each bracket to help with the adjustment process. While you have no choice over your braces, the colours your bands will be is all under your decision.

According to, an orthodontist in Milton Keynes may present you with an array of designs and colours to choose from. While you may stick with what you have always used in the past, always remember that you can have fun with them.

Themed combinations

No one is stopping you from choosing different colours to place on your brackets. Since it is a monthly appointment, you might as well choose specific colours that match the current month. You can mix red and pink on the love month of February. Try the orange and black combination for Halloween while go for the usual red and green combination for Christmas. Choose a rainbow set to show your support for the LGBT community or stick with different shades of pink for Cancer Awareness month.

Colours to avoid

You might have all the choices before you, but some colours just do not work well with teeth. Yellow will make your mouth look like it is full of plaque. Brown may make you look like you have constant dirt on your braces. White and clear bands may look great at first but they may quickly lose their colour because of food that goes into your mouth.

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Choosing the band colours is your way of having fun while waiting for your teeth to align. Getting braces can be a chance to show your creativity.