Can You Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist?


DentistMany dread visiting the dentist. They’d much rather live with a painful toothache than to sit in that dental chair and have their mouth looked into. Some are nervous, but they get over the fear. Others are so terrified, they get the shivers just driving by a clinic. How can you overcome dental phobia?

Acknowledge the Fear

It’s normal to be nervous at the thought of someone poking inside your mouth and, horror of horrors, extracting your teeth. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about because you’re not alone. Mahoney Family Dentistry lists fear of pain, injections, or dental drills as some common reasons patients have dental anxiety. Acknowledge that fear, especially when the time comes that you really need to see the dentist.

This also means looking into the reasons you have that fear. List them down. Is it the procedure you’re afraid of, or the dentist? Being aware of this will help resolve the issue. Find another dental practitioner that you’d be more comfortable with, if that helps. Or you can discuss these issues with a dentist.

Take It Slow

You need to see the dentist at some point for general oral health care. Get used to the atmosphere and the “drill” when you’re in the clinic.

Having procedures done one at a time can help alleviate that fear. Don’t wait until you have several oral issues that you need a root canal or multiple extractions. The better you care for your teeth, the less you have to undergo difficult oral procedures.

Find a Good Dentist

Not all dentists have good manners. Find a dentist who will be a good match for you. That means someone who is willing to walk you through the steps of every procedure. A good dentist explains what to expect at every step, and will pause if the patient feels discomfort. A reliable dentist also asks the patient’s permission to proceed.

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Dentistry includes difficult oral procedures, but these can be less terrifying when you’re under the care of a compassionate and patient dentist. Someone with a light touch and who is gentle can put a patient at ease once they sit on that chair.