Can You Hear Me? Your Handy Guide in Buying Dental Earplugs


DentistPatients may be unaware of it, but dentists could actually suffer from hearing problems due to the buzzing sounds of dental tools. To those unaware, noise-induced hearing loss, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), is the second highest reported occupational injury or illness.

A study of 80 doctors and 137 dentists by the ADA showed that doctors possessed better “hearing threshold levels” compared with dentists. The hearing loss was due to close proximity to the source of the noise, specifically with the use of high-speed dental tools.

It is good to know that these problems can be prevented. This is all thanks to reliable digital dental hearing protection.

There are many earplugs in the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose the best one that will suit your needs. These pointers should guide you in making an informed decision and buying one that will not only prevent hearing loss, but is also convenient to use.

  1. Choose a custom electronic earplug.

What sets custom earplugs from the regular ones is these have customized features for your specific needs. This type of earplug is easier and more comfortable to use, offering protection from noise that other regular earplugs or hearing protection cannot. You can also expect “superior fit” with this type of earplug.

  1. They need to have vents.

Vents allow sound to pass through. You don’t want to block all sounds; you still need to clearly hear if someone talked to you.

  1. Test it first.

Make sure to test the device prior to purchase. Many people disregard trying on the earplug and only rely on what others said. Testing the earplugs first will help you determine any flaw and compare it against other products.

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Like anything else that you would buy, it’s always best to research a bit. Reading product reviews and watching YouTube videos will also help you learn more about hearing protection devices for dentists.