Breaking the Bad Habit: How You Can Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Program

Stop Smoking ProgramSmoking is undoubtedly bad for the health. The thing is, not all people believe that. The best thing you can do is to quit and this is probably one of the rarest times when quitting is not a bad idea. It may be hard to break this habit, especially when you have been at it for a long time now but it is never too late to stop.

Here are a few things you can do:

Find a motivation

It will be easier to quit when you yourself are willing to than when you are being told. Think about why you want to stop smoking and use this reason whenever you find the urge to light up one again. You can think of anything for as long as it works for you like for a better health, your family, and friends.

Start immediately

It is not easy to stop smoking. There is definitely no rush in there for as long as you are moving forward. The more famous way some people stop is by cutting off their cigarette use gradually. For instance, they smoke only half of their normal whole-pack routine, or they smoke twice a day instead of the usual every-after-meals. Others, however, can stop at once. They just stop smoking at their set date. This way has quite a good success rate although it does not work for anybody. Some may even experience withdrawal symptoms like irritability, depression and anxiety, and headache to name a few.

Seek professional help

When you have friends and family to support you, industry professional Quit Stop Now explains that quitting can be easier. They can remind you why you stop smoking in the first place. They can also help you with all the things you need to keep you off of a stick. Some even get help from professionals especially when they have been smoking for years.

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Apart from the usual nicotine patch that help smokers stop, there are other quit smoking aids in the market you can have like the electronic cigarettes, and prescription medications when you experience withdrawal symptoms. Also available are nicotine replace therapy which are similar to nicotine patch only in the form of lozenges, inhalers, and gums.

Get a diversion

Think of something to do when the craving for nicotine strikes. Once you feel like smoking again, you can eat fruits instead, or find a hobby that can soothe your urges. Paint the town red. Remember, mind over body.

When you are able to completely stop smoking, the next thing to do is to stay away from cigarette stores and smokers. Even when you are fully in control of your no-more-smoking habit, those might just trigger you to smoke again.