Braces vs. Food: Specific Snacks to Stay Clear Of

Dental BracesThe road to getting straight teeth takes hard work and discipline. If you want steady progress, you need to be careful in what you put in your mouth. While your braces are working to give you that straight set, you have to avoid several things that can disrupt its process. The foods that you eat may actually halt or prolong the length of time you need to wear your braces. You do not want to extend your pain for some quick snack.

Before getting braces, Redwood Orthodontics says you have to sacrifice your love for certain types of food.

Here are some you should let go for a while: 

Sticky Gum

Gum is right there to help you when you feel like you need something soft to chew on. While it can be a great exercise for your jaw, it can pose a threat to your braces. As your gum loses its moisture it becomes harder and extra sticky. Once you bite on it using your molars, it can yank the band that is attached to one of the molars. It can be difficult to put back on your tooth so you end up with a piece of metal hanging in your mouth.

Pop Corn

This snack is already a problem with or without your braces because parts of it can get lodged in between your teeth. The hull or the skin can easily slip in between teeth and cause that annoying feeling in your mouth. When you have braces, it becomes extra difficult to remove with all the wires in the way. You do not want to be left for hours trying to remove that piece of pop corn left in your mouth the whole day. In the process, you might end up damaging your braces trying to take debris out.

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Sacrifices have to be made if you are serious about getting straight teeth. Give yourself a few more months and you can go back to your favorite snacks.