Beyond Gray Hair: Your Oral Health as You Age

Old woman smiling

For older people, their mind may be engrossed with the idea of heart, bones, and brain. Your teeth, however, are equally vital parts of keeping your entire body healthy. This is because older people are at risk of having oral health conditions, which makes it important to seek the assistance of professionals offering dental services, like Miller Comfort Dental in Lakeville.

Just as your body continues to change as you get older, the condition of your mouth changes as well. Certain oral conditions become more likely to occur, including the following:


Cavities can occur at any age. Older people, however, have higher risks of developing the disease because of gingival weakening.

Tooth loss

Gum disease does not start until you mature, thus not causing drastic damages to your mouth right away. And before you know it, the symptoms you ignored will destroy your bone, resulting in tooth loss. Luckily, with today’s modern technology, older people can have treatments that will replace the missing tooth, allowing them to speak clearly, eat comfortably, and smile without the embarrassment–provided they seek the assistance of dentists at the right time.

Fighting the symptoms

Your saliva helps clean your teeth and safeguards your mouth from possible decay. As you age, your mouth gets drier, increasing the chances of having tooth decay and other oral health problems. Lots of medications dry your mouth out. Hydrate frequently so you can avoid having tooth decays in the future.

As you grow older, some health concerns require your full attention, including the condition of your oral health. While there is not much you can do to halt the natural weakening of your tooth surface, proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits can prolong the life your teeth. You only get to have one set of teeth, so it is best to look after them for the rest of your life.

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