Benefits of Using Disposable Catering Dishes

Catering DishesBusy establishments in the hospitality industry as well as medical facilities experience high traffic throughout the day and serving everyone coming in can be a daunting task.

That is why such establishments opt to use catering consumables ranging from, spoons, plates, cups, and stirring sticks, among others. Some of the benefits of opting for such disposables are discussed below.


Medical facilities and hotels are areas where hygiene is a priority that should be maintained at all times. Hence, the use of metallic, melamine or glassware to serve various individuals at such facilities may compromise this requirement. Therefore, disposable catering dishes will ensure that hygiene is maintained throughout.


Catering services feature in most or all social functions and these are the kinds of functions where high traffic has almost become an obvious occurrence. Hence, when dining time comes, it might be hard to keep up with the rate at which dishes will be on demand. Disposable plates, cups, spoons and the like will relieve you of the pressure that comes with this.


Once the party is over then comes the cleaning. As is the case in most offices, cleaning in hotels and hospitals is a daily task. Dishes are part of the things that require cleaning and this can be an exhausting task that leaves you drained. With disposable dishes, you do not have to worry about this and this will give you peace of mind whether you are serving in either of these facilities and the same applies to catering service providers because cleaning is not required in this case.

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Breakages or loss

On various occasions, providers of catering services have to contend with the challenge of broken or lost dishes. This certainly becomes part of the unplanned cost they will have to bear and can turn out a loss for the business. Opting to use the disposable variety ensures that such costs are factored into the initial cost, thus protecting the service provider from such incidences.

Disposable dishes have many advantages compared to traditional ones and impact positively on cost for those in the catering business, making them a viable option.