Battling the Hep B Virus with Baraclude: What are the Potential Side Effects?


HepatitisBaraclude (entecavir) belongs to the antiviral medicine class and is utilized for treating adults suffering from the Hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B, when not addressed early, will result in liver damage. Baraclude is capable of reducing the amount of Hepatitis virus in the body and consequently aid in improving the liver’s general condition.

Baraclude Treatment DO’s and DON’Ts

As with any medication, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do during treatment.

  • DO inform your doctor if you suddenly become pregnant during Baraclude treatment.
  • DO tell your doctor if you’re planning to begin taking other medications since some drugs can interfere with the efficiency of Baraclude Canada pharmacies and other drug stores offer.
  • DO inform your doctor if you’re having surgery while taking Baraclude.
  • DO tell your doctor if you’re having any medical exams conducted while on Baraclude since it can considerably interfere with the exams and their results.
  • DON’T just stop treatment or reduce your Baraclude dose without the recommendation of your doctor because you’re Hepatitis will get worse.
  • DON’T simply offer Baraclude to other people even if they are also infected with Hepatitis B.
  • DON’T take Baraclude for other illnesses you may have without your doctor’s advice.
Potential Baraclude Side Effects

All medications can expose you to side effects; some are serious, while others are not. If you experience the following symptoms while taking Baraclude, contact your doctor immediately and get yourself to the nearest hospital: fever, chills, coughing or wheezing, rapid heart rate, breathing difficulties, flushing, dizziness, swelling and sweating of your tongue, face, or other body parts. These are symptoms of a potentially fatal allergic reaction to the drug and must be addressed the soonest time possible.

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It is also important to note that some people who’ve used Baraclude and other similar medications suddenly developed Lactic Acidosis. This condition is a grave medical emergency that should be treated in a hospital. When not addressed immediately, it can lead to untimely death. To be on the safe side, communicate with your doctor if you feel any side effects while taking Baraclude, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.