Are You Suffering from Tech Neck?

Suffering from Tech NeckObserve people in a busy crowd or a quiet cafe, and you’ll realize that there’s not a single person not doing anything: everybody’s on their phones. While technology has undoubtedly made things comfortable for people, what’s not comfortable is the fact that it can be a real pain in the neck.

A lot of health experts are concerned that people are suffering ‘tech neck,’ the situation in which the act of flexing your head forward down to see your tech devices puts pressure on the neck. It could cause abnormal curvature of the spine over time. Here is the sign you might have tech neck:

Neck Pain

The position of your head when looking at your phone or laptop adds as much as 60 pounds of pressure to the spine, which over time, could give you an aching neck. To prevent the pain, use a laptop or tablet holder so that you can adjust the device and hold it in an eye-level position.

Take breaks for gentle neck stretches every now and then. If the neck pain gets worse, it’s best to go to a chiropractor. Chandler, AZ, has facilities equipped to give you the proper treatment.

Shoulder Pain

Aside from the improper head position, some people tend to curl up their shoulders when using their devices. This is true even for those who work with their laptops, rarely noticing it though since posture is the last of people’s concerns when working.

The correct posture isn’t something people pull off overnight. The best thing to do is to set reminders, say, every 15 minutes, to change your position and rethink your posture. This will eventually make proper posture a habit.

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Thumb Tingling

Thumbs are the frequently used fingers when using mobile devices. When you’re hunched over your phone, you’re putting pressure on the nerves connecting the arms, hands, and fingers, thus the tingling.

This sensation can also happen when working with a laptop if the forearms and wrists don’t have any support. Shake your fingers every now and then. Use ergonomic wrist and arm support when using your keyboard.

Are you suffering from tech neck? Observe proper posture and take occasional breaks to prevent it. Consult a chiropractor to know more about it.