Always Late for Work? 3 Ways to Outwit EDSA Traffic

Traffic in MakatiImagine living in Fairview and working every day in an office in Makati. You’ll probably think it is a bad idea, as you know there’s no way you can beat the daily, notorious EDSA traffic. But you have no choice; almost all the big companies in your industry are right there in the tall buildings along Ayala Avenue. All you can do now is to find ways to deal with this stressful, almost-fatal traffic jam every day.

Here are a few ways you can outsmart the traffic in EDSA:

1. Rent a Condo or Apartment Near Your Office

Renting a place near your office is probably the best way you can outsmart the heavy traffic in EDSA. Look for a studio apartment in residential spots near Ayala, or if condo living sounds appealing to you, consider renting a unit in Rockwell. By living a few minutes away from your office, you can go to work every day with less stress in mind.

2. Waze Your Stress Every Day

If you drive to work every day, learn how to use a navigation app like Waze to its full potential. As a matter of fact, it has features that most people don’t know exist. So, go out of your way and learn all the tricks you need to learn to maximize Waze.

3. Consider Working from Home

Working from home is your best bet if you’re a commuter and living near the office isn’t a viable choice for you. Some companies offer work-from-home scheme as rewards to high-performing employees. But if you don’t belong to an organization with that kind of reward system, try talking to your boss and explain your situation. Even just a two-day-a-week work-from-home will make a huge difference to your stress level.

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Though government officials say it isn’t fatal, the stressful EDSA traffic could be detrimental to your health, as well as to your status at work. So, follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll never say, “Traffic sa EDSA” again as an excuse to be late for work.