Achieving Complete Body Transformation — Winning Tips and Tricks for Women

woman drinking sports drinkEmpower yourself by living a healthy and productive life. You may find this difficult to achieve, however, if you have no idea how to eat better, and how to exercise adequately. In a reputable Andover personal training studio for women, you will find the advice you are seeking — specific to your needs. For now, allow us to give you useful insights on how to achieve a complete body transformation for the new and better you.

Start eating to lose weight

Starving is not a smart way to lose weight. Instead of denying yourself the joy of eating a good meal, start planning your breakfast, lunch, and dinner around your weight goals. It begins with a systematic reduction in your carbohydrate intake. A fat burning diet is good to maintain, but you must remember to supplement it with additional protein intake, especially if you are engaging in regular physical exercise (we will get to that in a bit).

woman eating saladIt may help if you start counting calories as well, which is the amount of energy available from the food you eat. By consuming only as much as you need, you will not have excess to store, which end up as fat deposits. Yes, the flab on your tummy is essentially unused energy. Learn more about total energy expenditure and basal metabolic rate to determine the right amount of calories for your daily needs.

Exercise to build muscle and maintain tone

The common motivation to exercise is to lose weight. If you want a better outcome, you have to embrace a paradigm shift. Instead of thinking of it as losing fat, think of a daily exercise routine that builds lean muscle and maintains good muscle tone. By adding weight training to your cardiovascular workout, you can change your body contours. With this perspective, you are more likely to retain your new weight and maintain good muscle tone as well.

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Eat well and exercise — it can be as simple as that. Most women already know that achieving body transformation can be difficult and complicated. Let fitness and wellness experts help and support you.