6 Hard Truths About Missing Teeth

Guy with missing teeth

For most people, having missing teeth is no big deal. What they did not know is that ignoring treatment is disadvantageous in many ways. Having missing teeth is more than just an unattractive smile. Here are other hard truths about having missing teeth and why you should replace them.

Fact #1: It is difficult to eat

Obviously, mealtime won`t be as enjoyable, especially when eating hard foods, when you have no teeth to use for chewing. Imagine also the pressure this would be on your gums if you use them for chewing.

Fact #2: Having missing teeth causes dysfunctional bite

The absence of a tooth or teeth causes the remaining teeth to move towards the space. This change in the bite would later result in other dental problems like Fact #3 and Fact #4

Fact #3: Gum problems and tooth decay are likely to develop

It is difficult to clean the teeth and gums when there is a gap in between teeth. Eventually, you`ll be dealing with tooth decay or gingivitis.

Fact #4: You could look older than your real age

Premature aging is another disadvantage of having missing teeth. Depending on where the missing tooth or teeth are, the result could be a preceding jaw or sunken cheeks. Your lips will wrinkle as result of jawbone resorption.

Fact #5: Speech problems may arise

The teeth are important in speech. You may not pronounce properly certain sounds when there are missing teeth. Also, the absence of teeth may cause accidental spitting while talking.

Fact #6: Low confidence

As you are reluctant to talk to other people or smile because you are afraid that they would notice your imperfection, you would tend to shy away and avoid conversation. Imagine how much this could affect your relationship with other people and even performance at work.

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentists recommend replacing missing teeth to avoid these problems. While dental implant treatment is the best procedure for most dentists, other options like false teeth and fixed bridges will also do well. Talk to your dentist about the best option for you.

Replacing missing teeth is the best way to save the rest of your teeth from decay and other dental problems. Learn the best treatment for you by talking to your dentist.