4 Ways to Support People Living with Eating Disorders

Girl suffering form an eating disorder

One in every 200 women in the United States has Anorexia while two to three women suffer from Bulimia in the same country. This, along with other eating disorders, has an adverse effect on someoneā€™s self-confidence, self-esteem, and outlook in life. This is why it is vital for families and friends to foster a supportive environment for them.

The following are ways for people to make people with eating disorders feel supported as they try to recover from it:

Help them get a treatment

Getting treatment for the eating disorder a person is suffering from is an effective way to deal with these illnesses. As family and friends, it is important for you to facilitate the person to realize that they need to get help. There are healthcare facilities that will be able to provide competentĀ Anorexia Nervosa treatment.

Avoid commenting on their body weight

Watch what you say around people with eating disorders. Commenting on how you feel like they should have a better body will trigger them. Even saying that they are already thin will only reinforce their preoccupation.

Read more about eating disorders

Knowledge is power, and you will be more sensitive about how to act around people with eating disorders when you are well-informed. There are a lot of books and websites that easily explain these illnesses. You just have to find the ones best for you.

Encourage them to open up

You want your family member or friend with an eating disorder to open up. If they do, that is already a big step in the right direction.

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Thanks to awareness brought by the activism by many celebrities suffering from eating disorders, talking about bulimia and anorexia is no longer a taboo topic. Hopefully, this will inspire you to be more sensitive to the needs of people with eating disorders.