4 Simple Habits That Instantly Promote Oral Health

Couple Brushing Teeth

You get one set of adult teeth that should last you a lifetime. For some people, that sounds hardly possible. With a few simple habits, however, it is entirely possible to keep your teeth healthy for decades.

Besides paying regular visits to a family dentist in Horseheads, NY such as Finger Lakes Family Dental, here are four easy habits that will keep your teeth healthy and attractive well into old age.

Brush before bed

You already know that you should brush your teeth before going to bed, but do you do that? Many people don’t. Throughout the day, germs and plaque accumulate on your teeth. Brushing before going to bed helps get rid of these harmful germs and substances.

Take flossing seriously

A lot of people that brush teeth regularly do not floss. But flossing is just as important as brushing, so don’t neglect this simple habit. You’re not just removing pieces of food that get stuck between your teeth. You’re also stimulating your gums and getting rid of plaque.

Drink lots of water

Is there any good that drinking more water cannot do? From keeping your skin supple to boosting your immune system, water is the one substance that guarantees good health. And it turns out that water is great for your teeth too, especially when taken after every meal. Water helps wash out the effects of sticky and acidic beverages and foods.

Eat more fruits and veggies

Everyone loves the convenience of ready-to-eat foods, but the one part of your body that’s bound to suffer is your teeth. Fruits and vegetables are much better for your oral health. They contain healthy fiber that makes your teeth stronger.

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Keeping your teeth healthy is something that you can achieve if you set your mind on it. All it takes is becoming more aware of your daily habits, especially when it comes to oral health.