4 Fun Family Activities for the Weekend

Fun Family Activities in SingaporeYoung professionals are used to living in a fast-paced environment. When not working, you spend most of your time at the gym, at the movies, or doing a little more adventurous like hiking or driving out of town. If you are one of those who are transitioning from being a corporate junkie to being parents raising young kids for the first time, how do you make the most of a weekend? Here are some fresh ideas.

Have a picnic at the park

Grab your picnic blanket, pack in some nacho chips and dip, fruits, and fresh juices into your picnic basket, and enjoy a sunny day at the park. You can likewise bring your bike and teach your kids how to ride it for the first time.

Go to an indoor theme park

Singapore, as opposed to what most will tell you, is actually a child-friendly country offering a number of places that the kids will enjoy. You can visit the newest indoor theme parks in Singapore and who knows, it may bring out the kid in you as well.

Set up an outdoor cinema

Enjoy a starry night by setting up your projector and homemade screen at the roof deck. Of course, do not forget the popcorn. To make it enjoyable to both of you and your kids, why not introduce them to classics that you enjoyed when you were a kid? Jumanji, Matilda, or Little Rascals perhaps.

Play exciting board games

There are many board games available in toy stores. Games are better enjoyed with tangible things. Take a break from your mobile phones, laptops, and tablets and find a way to have a good time staying in on a Saturday night.

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You do not have to spend so much or come up with a detailed itinerary to be able to have a memorable family time. Turn things up and do different activities week by week, so it will be something that the whole family looks forward to.