4 Dental Issues that Can Be Prevented by Regular Dental Cleaning

Woman having her teeth examinedIgnoring tooth problems could bring you serious consequences. If you’re someone in need of a dental operation such as a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction, delaying this could worsen the tooth decay or cause the bacteria to spread. This explains why dentists in South Jordan recommend maintaining a healthy oral hygiene to help prevent tooth problems.

1. Bleeding Gums

The gums are a delicate part of the mouth. They can bleed if they get inflamed by bacteria. Eating sweets too much and not brushing afterwards could attract the said bacteria, which could start to eat away at the food particles left on the teeth.

2. Bad Breath

Another oral problem is bad breath or halitosis likely caused by the decay of food particles or tissue in the teeth or gums. Bad breath not only signals a deep-seated problem in your oral hygiene, but it also becomes an inconvenience for people you interact with. Brushing, flossing, and gargling with mouthwash should solve halitosis.

3. Toothaches

Decaying teeth or damaged gums could be related to toothaches. The condition involves a part of your teeth that could become sore or painful because it has become loose or too damaged by bacteria. Solutions to toothaches include tooth extractions for teeth that are beyond repair or dental cleaning for those that can still be saved.

4. Tooth Loss

Lastly, losing teeth can hinder your ability to chew properly. For you to regain a semblance of a full set of molars, you'll have to invest in dental implants. However, they are costly procedures that might hurt your budget.

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Dentists stress the importance of cleaning your teeth regularly to prevent serious dental issues. These include tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loss. By brushing your teeth, flossing between them, and gargling with mouthwash, you’ll have a set of well-maintained teeth.