3 Ways to Help Raise Funds for Disaster Relief

Help Donate Charity ConceptWhen natural disasters strike, those affected need all the help they can get. If you find yourself in a position to lend support during a trying time such as a natural disaster, you need to be equipped with knowledge so you can respond in the best way. Often, disaster response professionals would be the best people to interact and address the impacts of the untoward event directly.

As someone on the sidelines, what could you do? The best thing you can do is contribute resources and time to the effort to raise funds for disaster relief. These funds can be used to fund packs of food and first aid, support the need for Emergency Staffing Solutions to respond to immediate medical needs, and add to a contingency fund as you know that the relief effort will go on well after a few days post-disaster.

Don’t know how and what you can contribute? Here are some ideas.

Social media

These days, the power of social media is one that cannot be understated. As someone who cannot come to directly lend physical support to a disaster-stricken area, using your social media reach is one of the best ways to participate in the relief effort. Share posts containing emergency numbers, calls for help and support, and even directly reach out to your network to gather people and resources that can help.


Hold fundraising events to raise money for the relief effort. You can think of events that you usually attend or are regularly part of. From there, think of ways on how to raise funds. A simple ‘pass-the-hat’ gathering can make an impact. Remember, during trying times, every dollar helps.

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Influencer promotion

If you are in contact or personally know someone with a sizeable following or influence especially on the internet, this is the best time to reach out to them for support. Sharing a post to your several hundreds of friends and followers will be of great help, but imagine how much more support someone who has thousands of followers can gather and contribute?

Of course, make sure that you will send the funds you raise to a reputable and professional disaster response organization. There are many ways to help. You just have to explore your options.