3 Times Invisalign Might Not Be Right for You

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign TreatmentCrooked teeth do not only ruin your smile, but also change your bite. Fortunately, you’re not doomed to flash a misaligned set of teeth forever. In addition, you likewise don’t have to put up with the inconveniences of traditional braces and put your pearly whites in their proper places the easy way.

Invisalign makes teeth alignment a breeze in more ways than one. Much like metal braces, i.Dental explains, clear aligners aim to correct such dental irregularities — minus the inevitable drawbacks of popular orthodontic devices. They’re invisible, removable and comfortable. While they’re not without downsides, you’d normally wouldn’t mind living with the negatives with the positives they bring.

Same as in other major world cities, Invisalign, however, may not always be the apt treatment for crooked teeth in the Lion City. There are cases when it’s ill-advised, and there are instances when your expectations might not align with what it can deliver.

So before you go out and look for the lowest Invisalign price in Singapore, take note of the following first:

Young Age

Although the international dental community is yet to get a consensus towards this, but some practitioners feel patients that are too young shouldn’t have clear aligners. The reason for this is because it takes self-discipline to make Invisalign effective. Usually, wearers 13 years old and below might have a problem keeping clear aligners on for 23 hours, or even misplace them.

Complex Dental Problems

Apparently, Invisalign can’t straighten all dental irregularities. If you have a complicated teeth alignment case, your orthodontist might recommend other types of braces. Clear aligners are thoughtfully designed for cosmetic reasons, but, sadly, their effectiveness tends to decline the more complex the problem gets.

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Speedy, Noticeable Results

Other modern braces can correct teeth alignment faster than Invisalign. Clear aligners are made of plastic, which relatively performs less when it comes to straightening crook teeth than metal and ceramic.

Invisalign’s benefits are indeed undeniable, but it sure has limitations too. You must consult an experienced orthodontist first to see if clear aligners are really the best for you.