3 Myths About Gum Disease You Should Stop Believing Now

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Statistics show that almost half of the adult population, aged 30 and older, suffer from some form of gum disease. And as Americans age, the risk to develop such conditions increase, with 70% of the elderly aged 65 and older experiencing it.

Although common among adults, there are a lot of misconceptions about gum disease. This wrong information results in wrong behavior. Keep an eye out on these following myths about gum disease.

Myth 1: Bleeding gums are not that serious

Some people think that this is normal when they clean their mouths thoroughly. But the truth is, there’s no case where bleeding gums aren’t that big of a deal. They may be caused by poor oral hygiene, stress, and the worst, periodontal disease.

If you experience bleeding when brushing or eating, visit your dentist immediately. It’s important that you get treatment early, as gum diseases if left untreated, result in tooth loss.

Mahoney Family Dentistry knows it is a common reason people go to clinics in South Bend; dental implants are received by patients as treatments for the missing teeth.

Myth 2: People get gum disease over not brushing teeth

Partly true. Bad oral hygiene is only one of the causes of gum disease. Your condition though may result from a lot of factors, including smoking, family history, or medical conditions like diabetes. Even the medications you’re taking may play a role.

If you’re already at risk of gum disease because of the mentioned factors, all the more that you need to practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.

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Myth 3: Gum disease only affects the teeth and the gums

Yes, the condition has nasty effects on your oral health, but it may result in other serious conditions too if left untreated. You might be more susceptible to developing heart disease, stroke, and lung infections. It may also affect your fertility.

The link between gum disease and these health issues is the bacteria. The bacteria in the mouth spread in the body and causes these health problems.

Don’t be fooled by these gum disease myths. Know the truth behind them so you can properly take charge of your health.