3 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Recommended For Kids

a kid having a dental procedure

Some extreme dental concerns make cosmetic dentistry inevitable even for kids. If your child lacks a beautiful smile to show the world, there are great solutions to address teeth discoloration, as well as uneven, worn, cracked, or gapped teeth. Below are the top three cosmetic dentistry procedures recommended for children.

Teeth Bonding

This procedure is ideal for children with cracked or chipped teeth. This method can also address mismatched sizes of teeth, unwanted gaps, and extreme discoloration. Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist recommends finding a reliable dentist for children in Utah to ensure quality service and great results. It is also important to choose a dentist who knows how to deal with children who have dental phobia.


Also referred to as baby root canal, Pulpotomy is used to address a baby tooth whose cavity reaches the pulp. In this case, the pediatric dentist will remove the affected part of the tooth to prevent further damage, and then sterilize the remaining tooth. White filling is used to give the tooth in question a healthy and natural-looking appearance.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants offer a safe method for addressing different dental concerns in children. These are thin coatings made of plastic placed on top and on the sides of the teeth. This treatment option could address a range of problems, including cracks, chipped teeth, or discoloration. Ultimately, the dental sealants could improve the smile of your little ones and in a way boost their self-esteem.

The world of dentistry has evolved tremendously over the years. Even the concerns of kids can be addressed and while some issues may call for continuing care, others can be permanently tackled. Because it is important to take good care of your child’s oral health, it pays to find a pediatric dentist you can trust.

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