2 Guidebooks to Read Before Your Family LDS Travel to Israel


IsraelIn a few months’ time, you and your family will be on a cruise trip. You are excited and so is the rest of your family. It will be your first LDS travel!

To make it easy, you hired a travel agency that caters to the Church members. This means you will have a tour guide that takes your faith into consideration, and which will serve as an assurance that you will not miss places significant to your beliefs.

This includes a Sacrament meeting at the LDS travel center. In fact, cruiselady.com points out, for one Church member that had visited Israel with her family, this was the highlight of their trip.

To help make you prepared, here are two study guidebooks that you and your family can read before the trip.

Making Precious Things Plain

Written by Randal S. Chase, this book makes studying the gospel so easy to understand. The author’s special notes and insights help expand the teachings of the Old Testament. Every detail brings into life the Gospel Doctrine, which makes it easily more than a study guide. Your boys will enjoy it too, especially the incredible stories from the Old Testament.

The fun you’ll have while studying with this book is similar to what you and your family will have on the trip. And it will be so much more when you see in person the images that you have been reading all your life. Prepare for a time of inspiration, gratitude and contemplation.

The Jesus Trail

This book is for everyone that is interested in the trail. The book presents the trail from Nazareth to Galilee and “an invitation to walk as Jesus walked.” Whether going out of Jerusalem is a part of your trip or not, you’ll find it useful and a delight to read. Thanks to the awe-inspiring spiritual experiences in this book and the historical accounts in Galilee in Jesus’ time.

The information you will read from these books will not only help you prepare for your trip. You will also have a guide for a lifetime, not to mention an enjoyable read.